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On October 4, 2004, President Bush signed into legislation the Operating Homes Tax Relief Act of 2004 (P.L. 108-311). The Act, in accordance to the Joint Committee on Taxation, will decrease taxes by some $146 billion additional than the subsequent 10 a long time.

There are numerous provisions in this Act which will support running households. This brief short article will focus on only one particular individual provision, the “uniform definition of a kid.”

The objective of the provision was to simplify the tax code by adopting a uniform definition of a kid for the dependency exemption, the kid credit, the earned profits credit (EIC), the dependent care credit, and head-of-residence submitting position.

In popular, beneath preceding legislation a dependency exemption was permitted if a taxpayer could show that they achieved 5 uncomplicated exams. Beneath the new definition, a dependency exemption is permitted for an person who would satisfy the specifications of, and for that reason qualify as the taxpayer’s “qualifying kid” or “qualifying relative.”

There are some scenarios in which an normally qualifying person (qualifying kid or qualifying relative) will not be regarded a dependent in the adhering to conditions. The person is a dependent of an added taxpayer for that reason, that person can have no dependents. The person data files a joint return, and the person is not a citizen or resident of the United States or a nation contiguous to the United States.

As a popular rule, there are 4 exams which need to be achieved in order to be regarded a qualifying kid

1. Relationship

2. Member of residence

3. Age

4. Self-aid

The link check is achieved if the person is a kid of the taxpayer or a descendant of a kid or a brother, sister, stepbrother or stepsister of the taxpayer or a descendant of any of these folks.

The expression “kid” is composed of son, daughter, stepson or stepdaughter of the taxpayer, or an “suitable foster” kid of the taxpayer.

Beneath this provision an adopted kid or a kid lawfully placed with the taxpayer for adoption is treated as a kid by blood and an “suitable foster” kid is an person placed with the taxpayer by an licensed placement company or courtroom.

The member of residence check phone calls for that the person need to have experienced the comparable principal location of abode as the taxpayer for further than half the tax 12 months.

Predominantly for the reason that the taxpayer no for a longer time has to produce additional than half of the aid of an person assembly the specifications to be a qualifying kid, further than one particular individual taxpayer could qualify to claim the person as a dependent.

If further than one particular individual taxpayer is entitled to and does claim the person as a dependent on the tax return, there are provisions to make your mind up which taxpayer will be permitted the dependency exemption. If one particular individual of the taxpayers boasting the dependency is the individual’s mum or dad, then the mum or dad will obtain the dependency exemption.

If every single mothers and fathers are boasting the person on individual returns, then the one particular individual with whom the person resided the longest for the duration of the 12 months will be entitled to the exemption.

If the person resided for an equal amount of time with every single and each and every, then the mum or dad with the best altered gross profits will obtain the exemption.

If neither of the taxpayers are the individual’s mothers and fathers, then the one particular individual with the best altered gross profits will be permitted the dependency. This is a partial overview of the new Qualifying Kid rules. I hope this brief short article has assisted to make clear this rule.

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